If not, then replace the sensor and try again

If not, then replace the sensor and try again

He was the love of my life. She called it a ‘picot cast on’ but it looks like a bauble stitch to me. The directions that she showed me also included a picot cast off. For this we use a battery and a solar cell. The battery can deliver a current of 1050 mA in 1 hour with a voltage of 3.7 V : 3,885Wh. The solar cell is used to recharge the battery, it delivers a voltage of 5.5 V under 360 mA > a power equal 2 W.Theoretical consumption of our system : Temperature sensor DHT22 : at max 1.5 mA and at rest 0.05 mA Grove temperature sensor: max 1.5 mA Light sensor : 0.5 mA Nucleo Cart : + 100 mA LCD display : 20 mA Sigfox TD1208 module : sending 24 mA (in this project, nothing is received with this module) and at rest 1.5 AAt rest, the consumption is negligible compared to the power of the battery.

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