On Sunday, the first full day at sea, everybody was seated

On Sunday, the first full day at sea, everybody was seated

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Designer Replica Bags Between morning power walks, comedy shows, boat safety drills, art auctions at sea, bingo, karaoke, theatrical shows, spa sessions, massages, workouts on the treadmills, and soaks in the Jacuzzi, the UECC group found time onboard to meet and dine together. On Sunday, the first full day at sea, everybody was seated together at the Four Seasons Restaurant in beautiful Ukrainian attire vyshyvky, the UECC group was truly united in Goyard Replica Handbag spirit eating, drinking and like a family, celebrating ten birthdays and even a sixty year wedding anniversary. Imagine all of those “Mnohaya Litas”! The group met immediately after dinner for the official photo and the UECC Malanka Zabava/Dance at the Great Outdoor Cafe began to the sound of the waves and under the Caribbean starry skies. Designer Replica Bags

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