It is my own personal Groundhog Day

It is my own personal Groundhog Day

Find Antique ShopsAntique Vintage ShopsAntique MallsConnecticut AntiquingChicago Antique ShopsNew England AntiquingToronto Antiques ShopsI Antique On The RoadI have a passion for collecting which includes but not limited to: all kinds of pop culture items, salt pepper shakers, old cookie jars, old shabby painted items, old advertising tin signs, vintage Black Americana, pottery bowls, retro kitchen items, old display cabinets, cricket benches, antique furniture, Adirondack items and the list goes on and on. I am a total addict!! Somebody help me!! I’ve been collecting about 15 years and don’t have room for it all. I frequent yard sales, estate sales, flea markets and I do buy and sell on Ebay.

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