]]>QUARTZ HILL (CBSLA) A 10 year old boy who was allegedly

]]>QUARTZ HILL (CBSLA) A 10 year old boy who was allegedly

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moncler outlet sale Classmates said Anthony Avalos would stand up for moncler jackets outlet them against bullies at school, and at home he would do the same for his Moncler Outlet siblings.]]>QUARTZ HILL (CBSLA) A 10 year old boy who was allegedly tortured to death by his mother moncler sale and her boyfriend was remembered Friday as a superhero to his own friends.In the days after the death of Anthony Avalos, his uncle David Barron says his classmates reached out to the family and said he would speak up for cheap moncler jackets them when they were being bullied, and that he would also stand up for his siblings at home.So in honor of Anthony bravery, in spite of what he was going cheap moncler coats through himself, his friends and family requested a special dress code for mourners.”We would like if everyone can wear superhero shirts, in honor of Anthony,” a funeral notice from the family said.Anthony was found unresponsive in his mother’s home June 20. He died the next moncler outlet uk day.In court filings, prosecutors alleged Anthony was severely tortured during the last five or six days of his life and that his mother and her boyfriend “abused, beat, assaulted and tortured Anthony Avalos.”The alleged abuse included https://www.moncler-jacket-outlet.com whipping the boy with a belt and a looped cord, pouring hot sauce on his face and mouth, holding him by his feet and dropping him on his head repeatedly.was just full of laughter, the biggest smile ever, his aunt Maria Barron said tearfully outside the church where Anthony service was held. Couldn even tell what he was going through moncler outlet sale.



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