This old school approach is mostly extinct

This old school approach is mostly extinct

Just a firm squeeeeeeeeze, followed by a casual, confident whisper of instruction, as if his bidding was already being handled.You’re going to clean up the mess and apologize to your mother.We’re going to clean up the mess and apologize to our mother.A Hummer capable of Jedi mind tricks.That was discipline for us.This old school approach is mostly extinct. In fact, many parents have taken a stand against corporal punishment by heading in the opposite direction. Instead of spankings and squeezes, kids get a 10 milligram Ritalin, followed by 1,800 milligrams of peanut M to bribe them to clean up their rooms.Whether your discipline style is the squeeze, the spank, the bribe, the yell, the empty threat, the count to three, the timeout chair, etc., I think we can all agree that Xiao Baiyou, the self proclaimed Wolf Father, has it terribly, horribly, impossibly wrong.A male counterpart to Amy Chua’s Tiger Mom, the Wolf Dad is the latest parenting classification to come out of the People’s Republic of China.

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